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Anke Ortmann


Ms. Ortmann obtained her University Entrance Diploma and began studying Law at the University of Bonn in 1993. This ended in 1998  when she successfully passed the first juristic state examination.

Directly afterwards, Ms. Ortmann completed her legal internship at the Wuppertal Regional Court. She concluded this successfully with the second state examination in 2001.

Over the following years, Ms. Ortmann dedicated herself to her children while simultaneously working for the regional baseball club whenever possible.

Ms. Ortmann decided to resume her juristic activities at the beginning of 2008. In accordance with her expertise, she sought contact with a law firm engaged in Insolvency Law. She is currently active in several ongoing Insolvency proceedings involving both consumers and businesses.

Ms. Ortmann is licensed for all District, Regional and Higher Regional Courts.

Our colleague has been a baseball enthusiast since her first stay in the USA. Her family is a “baseball family.” At two years old, both of her sons already knew the rules better than all our colleagues did.

Playing the trumpet is also another passion of Ms. Ortmann as she is a member of the CVJM.