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Dennis Kreuzer


Mr. Kreuzer began his law studies at Ruhr Bochum University towards the end of 1998. He graduated with the first state examination in 2003.

He returned to Wuppertal for his legal internship (2004-2006). Working intermittently at the Wuppertal Chamber of Industry and Commerce helped him gain special practical insights, particularly into the diverse activities of regional companies. He concluded his legal internship with a successful second state examination.

Working as a lawyer inspired Mr. Kreuzer from the outset. He enquired with our office about employment during the course of his studies on the advice of a judge in 2004. He has consistently supported our office with great dedication and expert client service since his acquisition.

Mr. Kreuzer’s expertise focuses on Tenancy Law, Medical Law and Insolvency Law. Speed is the answer to stability, this is his credo. This is his great fascination and asset. He is a passionate biker, and as soon as the first rays of the sun beckon in March, he polishes his Suzuki GSX to a high gloss. After this, he enjoys the expanse of the Bergisch Land and Sauerland countryside, or takes a quick trip to the North Sea to relax.

Speed and stability take centre stage with sports as well. Mr. Kreuzer has been playing table tennis consistently for 20 years. In addition to his education and career, he still manages to participate in all of his club’s significant championship games. Currently he is active in ESV Wuppertal-West.

Moreover, Mr. Kreuzer is very interested in literature. There is hardly a classic that he has not yet read. Sometimes he simply relaxes with a fantasy novel or an intriguing classic not yet read by him.

He believes in not wanting to share his dreams as they otherwise may not come true. He will definitely travel to Australia some time in the coming years as this has been on his agenda for some years now.