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Michael Schmidt-Modrow

Insolvency Lawyer & Original Co-Founder of the Law Firm (Deceased as of 2006)

Mr. Schmidt-Modrow was born in Hannoversch-Münden on 13 June 1955.

On 1 July 1997 he founded the Schmidt-Modrow d’Avoine & Partner practice together with his fellow lawyer and partner Dr. d’Avoine. Up until that date, Michael Schmidt-Modrow ran an individual practice in cooperation with a Tax Consulting and Auditing Firm. He was also the commercial director of a midsize family company.

Mr. Schmidt-Modrow was mainly dedicated to Insolvency and Reorganisation Law. He also served in an expert advisor in the Banking industry along with companies requiring Corporate Law advice. He was involved in a number of professional organisations and various associations throughout his lifetime.

Mr. Michael Schmidt-Modrow sadly passed away on 23 September 2006. He is remembered as a dedicated family man, thoughtful individual, and respected lawyer within the legal community.