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Sebastian Haug

Tenancy and Residential Property Law Specialist

Mr. Haug was born in Haan and grew up in Solingen.

He studied Law at the Universities of Passau and Bonn. In addition, he completed subject-specific foreign language courses in English and French in Passau.

After the first state examination, legal internship at the Essen Regional Court, and the second state examination, he worked for law firms in Remscheid/Solingen area prior to joining our team in November of 2015.

Mr. Haug has been a Tenancy and Residential Property Law specialist since 2014.

Some of his additional specialities with us are Inheritance, Real Estate Law, General Civil Law and Administrative Law.

He is actively involved in Solingen’s local affairs in his spare time. He is also interested in classical music, history, literature, tennis, and volleyball.