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Thorsten Kapitza


Mr. Kapitza began with training as a Banker at Commerzbank in Wuppertal.

In 1998, he completed his Law studies in Cologne. He took his first state examination in 2002. He spent three months abroad in the USA during his course of studies as well which served to give him an international grasp of the legal system. He returned to Wuppertal for his Legal Internship. This extended from 2003 to 2005 and ended with the successful second state examination.

Even before and during his Internship, Mr. Kapitza learned about activities as a lawyer in a larger Cologne law firm that he worked for consistently during this time.

Mr. Kapitza joined our team immediately after completing the final phase of his education. Insolvency and Banking Law are his core areas of practice.

His adventurousness counter-balances his down-to-earth attitude. The more remote his destination the better. After Australia, Thailand and Mexico, Canada is on the agenda this year.

Mr. Kapitza has diverse interests and is always curious about new things. Classic concerts at the Cologne Philharmonic are his latest discovery. But he does not always have time for these things unfortunately.

Sports were and remain his leading form of recreation. Skiing, triathlon, mountain biking and especially marathons are his main hobbies. Mr. Kapitza participates in the Röntgen Marathon once a year. He is regularly involved in the TV Frischauf Lennep as well.