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ATN is a full service law firm that specializes in Insolvency Administration, Corporate Restructuring, and Management Legal Affairs.

ATN actively and regularly administers insolvency proceedings for companies facing financial difficulties. Time plays a crucial role in a company’s existential crisis, and ATN acts immediately to safeguard the company's most valuable assets. ATN will protect your business with a well-grounded insolvency plan that will benefit all its stakeholders while minimizing company losses to the fullest extent allowable under the law. ATN will aggressively work for you to achieve the best possible outcomes for both you and your business!

ATN strives to ensure the continuity of companies facing insolvency. Our legal and economic experts work hand in hand to ensure the best possible legal outcome for its clients. ATN is an active law firm nationwide and has made a name for itself within the administration of complex insolvency proceedings.

Thanks to the professional cooperation with the courts, companies, employees, and creditors, ATN has an above-average reorganisation rate for companies which includes a high satisfaction rate with its creditors.

25 lawyers




100 employees

Experience that Benefits You!

  • ATN is experienced. Our experience helps companies, employers, and creditors master their personal set of circumstances.
  • ATN is an insolvency service provider. The ATN Insolvency Administrators and their team of experienced professionals support the stakeholders in all phases of the proceedings.
  • ATN is solution-oriented. We resolve conflicts that seek to benefit the majority of the company's stakeholders, and we do this in a very pragmatic way that profits all those involved.
  • ATN communicates effectively. We talk to the stakeholders and efficiently explain the complex steps of an insolvency proceeding in a plausible and comprehensible manner that is easy to follow.
  • ATN preserves jobs, and works to minimize losses whenever possible.
  • ATN has specific core areas of focus. Our special expertise lies within the fields of Production, Trade, Metal, Processing, Automotive, Transportation, Logistics, Chemicals, Trades, and Healthcare.
  • ATN ISO 9001 Certified to ensure the highest quality of service possible.