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As a future-oriented Corporate Law Firm, we are always looking for young, talented and qualified individuals to join our team. Strengthen our team of Commercial Law Specialists with your expert knowledge and juristic motivation today by sending us your credentials.

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Opportunities for Students and Interns

We know that finding really good new colleagues is becoming more difficult, notwithstanding the large number of law students, interns and assessors. That is why we have always been committed to training young colleagues. This has turned out to be a fruitful symbiosis for both sides. We have been able to gain highly qualified colleagues as a result. The trainees and students trained by us were able to gather valuable experience while obtaining qualifications that gave them a significant head start in preparing for their exams along with launching their careers.

We do have expectations if you wish to join us: Are you still a student? Then you should have passed at least two examinations. Your qualifications should be reflected by correspondingly good grades. This applies accordingly if you have already passed the first exam. You should be prepared to contribute more than usual as well. Hardwork and dedication is prerequisite if you would like to work with us.We offer part-time employment and extensive support if you want to earn a Doctorate.


About Us

We have grown to become one of the leading law firms in the Bergisch tri-city area in the last few years. To a large extent, this development is based on offering a sphere of activity for young and dedicated jurists that allows them to contribute their respective strengths. We trust young colleagues to handle a specialised field with independence early on which gives them the opportunity to apply their existing specialised knowledge or fully bring juristic tendencies to bear in our team. What’s more, we offer interesting future employment prospects in our law firm for these young and qualified individuals. Some of our partners moved up from the ranks of former interns to become full partners here at ATN.

We do not consider the development of our law firm to be concluded. Quite to the contrary: through the further development of our departments and training our staff, we want to offer continuously improving service with, highly qualified consulting for our clientèle.

Please apply via e-mail or post. We look forward to meeting you!