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ATN is the Corporate Law firm for Restructuring and Reorganisation.

ATN assists companies get out of financial difficulties. We help you get your company back on the road to success. We have mastered the portfolio of Reorganisation and Restructuring methods effectively. We will work creatively on new solutions for your company. Let us go to work for your company today! Statitics show that companies have a much higher rate of success when they allow us to start working for them early on in the process. Don't waste precious time if you are experiencing financial difficulties as this will only serve to make Restructuring and Reorganisation efforts less effective. Contact us today, and take control back of your business!

There are many possible causes for a business crisis. Interpreting initial warning signs correctly and taking corrective action is a challenging Business Management Task. ATN has expert lawyers that will provide you pragmatic and goal-oriented support. ATN works with you to initiate suitable counter-measures that keep you competitive.

We can assist you in searching for Investors and Capital should you require it. ATN is connected with the right people that can assist you!

Our experienced specialists assist you with preparing an Insolvency Plan and a CRO in case of self-administration should you ever require it!     

25 lawyers




100 employees

Experience that Benefits You!

  • ATN is connected. We utilize our vast network of resources for your company's benefit.
  • ATN is flexible and dynamic. We adapt our consulting services to fit your needs.
  • ATN is creative. You receive tailor-made solutions that fit your company's specific issues.
  • ATN is reliable. You can put your trust in us - 100%!