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The corporate law firm.

Informed. Dynamic. Successful.

ATN d’Avoine Teubler Neu Rechtsanwälte bundles expertise in the business areas of legal advice, commercial law, restructuring and reorganisation, and insolvency administration.

Your contacts at ATN d’Avoine Teubler Neu Rechtsanwälte are designated experts in their respective fields. Legal specialists assist companies and clients with national and international contract and legal matters.

As a corporate law firm, we at ATN assist our clients with all legal matters related to companies, entrepreneurs and managers. Goal-oriented, comprehensive advice for our clients is our philosophy. ATN sees itself as a service provider that works with its clients to develop the best possible solution in order to reach their goals.

What sets us apart: we are strong personalities, each with our individual style, integrated into a competent team.

  • ATN is familiar with corporate practices. We negotiate and advise at eye level.
  • ATN provides integrated support – consistently and intensively. We think outside the box with every case.
  • The ATN team is young, tech-savvy and competent. We count on a modern infrastructure in order to be there for you when you need us.
  • ATN is internationally networked. We also help you with questions that have international aspects. Competent representation across Germany is offered for our international clients.
  • ATN aims to achieve economically meaningful results for its clients. We do not argue to answer legal questions, but for your success.
  • ATN is fast and creative when it comes to protecting your interests. You can rely on that.
  • ATN provides you with consulting services of high quality. Certified.
  • ATN helps – not only in a crisis – always with the goal to achieve economically meaningful results.

25 lawyers

ISO 9001

100 employees


Regionally positioned,
active nationwide

Legal advice. Informed.

ATN represents your interests – emphatically and diligently, in and out of court.

The lawyers at ATN consistently provide you with up to date advice. A direct, effective and concrete partnership with the client is made possible by the combination of an economic background and industry experience.

ATN is partisan. We represent our clients, nobody else. Nevertheless we remain objective for our clients. We owe them that.

Our clients can rely on our pragmatic and effective approaches, especially with difficult decisions and before making important choices. We develop measures and implement them correctly. Our clients therefore master the legal challenges they are faced with. Successful. In business, in a career, or in private life.

Insolvency administration. Dynamic.

ATN actively administers insolvency proceedings. Thanks to many years of experience and numerous regional, cross-regional and also international insolvency proceedings, ATN is among the large administrators. An above-average reorganisation rate confirms the success of ATN’s efforts to ensure the continuity of companies through the insolvency and to protect the jobs of employees. For the employees, but also for the company.

ATN reviews all possible approaches for restructuring and reorganising operations and companies in insolvency, and for repositioning them in the market beyond the duration of the insolvency proceedings.

In doing so, ATN also offers prospects for creditors regarding the settlement of their claims. The reliable and systematic process followed by the insolvency administrators at ATN leads to a high satisfaction rate.



Reorganisation and restructuring. Successful.

ATN helps companies get out of the crisis. The continuity of companies in crisis situations is one of the exciting challenges we as reorganisation and restructuring experts like to master. ATN lawyers approach the challenges of reorganisation projects dynamically, pragmatically and effectively, developing new prospects.

When job reductions are unavoidable, for example in the course a business reorganisation, the required personnel measures are planned in a timely manner with the involvement of all stakeholders and implemented with consideration. Cutting jobs is never the goal of our measures, and is only considered when there are no alternatives. Here it is important to us to consistently justify the trust placed in us by the employees and their representatives, especially by identifying and brokering solutions for the stakeholders. Professional and successful negotiation with works councils and unions requires openness.

The ATN team assists you, starting with the root cause analysis, and ensures the comprehensive recording and evaluation of all factors relevant for a reorganisation. Creating competitive units, ensuring the continuity of the company, and protecting invested capital are the objectives.